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I define myself as a marketing scholar with an emphasis on innovation with data analytics as a research method and tool. My research interests revolve around the interface between marketing and technology, which emerges at the intersection of marketing, innovation, and data science. My interest in marketing stems from my college study involving crowdfunding. During my doctoral study, my interest of crowdfunding in marketing has been extended to a broader concept: innovation and new technologies in marketing science. As the doctoral program that I studied in is Business Data Science which integrates business with data science, my research interest has been a perfect fit that links marketing and technology together by utilizing data science as a tool to solve marketing problems. The focus of doctoral work at Martin Tuchman School of Management in New Jersey Institute of Technology was centered around marketing as theoretical foundation with innovation as primary context by utilizing data science as tool. This focus is a relatively new direction in marketing science in today’s data rich environment. Therefore, my research plan calls for continued investigations into this new direction with great potentiality.
To achieve these objectives, I use both qualitative and quantitative research methods in marketing studies. For my first publication “Backer Motivation in Crowdfunding New Product Ideas: Is It about You or Is It about Me?”, to thoroughly explore the mechanism of how different types of motives work in a crowdfunding platform, data analytics tools such as web scrapping and text analysis have been utilized. This is an example of combining big data method and tools with marketing theory to examine behavior. In my second publication “Crowdfunding Technological Innovations: Interaction between Consumer Benefits and Rewards.”, similarly, data analytic tools have been utilized in the new emerging crowdfunding discipline to examine marketing theories and practices. In my dissertation titled “Peer-to-Peer Consumption: 3D Printing in Sharing Economy”, given the lack of previous theoretical foundations on 3D printing in sharing economy, both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis are especially well suited for examining this hidden topic. Web scraping data as a secondary data sources will be utilized with interaction with a primary data sources such as online surveys.

Additional Information

Ph.D: New Jersey Institute of Technology

Email Address for Contact:

Cell Phone Number: 2626230826

Research Areas: Substantive: Marketing Analytics, Product Innovation, Digital Marketing, 3D Printing, Sharing Economy, Crowdfunding
Methodological: Machine Learning, Algorithm, Web Scrapping, Survey, Interview
Software: SPSS, Python, R, IBM Modeler, IBM Watson, SA

Education: Ph.D. from NJIT. Major: Business Data Science Concentrating on Marketing
Bachelor from Purdue University Calumet, Major: Marketing

Previous Work Experience : Teaching Assistant
Have taught a course: Principles of Marketing
Have taught IBM Modeler and IBM Watson.
Taught undergraduate/graduate students and faculty SPSS Analytics Modeler including both descriptive analysis and relational analysis. Taught undergraduate/graduate students and faculty how to use IBM Watson to implement data exploration and big data analysis.

Publications and Awards: Refereed Journal Articles
Zhang, Haisu and Weizhi Chen (2019), “Backer Motivation in Crowdfunding New Product Ideas: Is It about You or Is It about Me?” Journal of Product Innovation Management, 36(2), 241-262. [5-Year Impact Factor=4.190; Impact Factor=4.305; ABDC=A*; AJG=4]

Zhang, Haisu and Weizhi Chen (2019), “Crowdfunding Technological Innovations: Interaction between Consumer Benefits and Rewards.” Technovation, 84-85, 11-20. [5-Year Impact Factor of 5.407; Impact Factor=4.802; ABDC=A; AJG=3]

2017: Best Paper Award
JPIM Research Forum Powered by PDMA
2016: Leir Research Prize
New Jersey Institute of Technology
2014: National Winner
GfK Annual Next Generation Undergraduate Market Research Competition
Winning Research: “Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing as a Dual Process: How Social Media Impacts New Movie Development”